Friday, January 6, 2012

Europe pig-out 5 - Asian food at Dachau concentration camp

How can you tell if this soup is European or Asian? One clear giveaway is the glass noodles or perhaps even the Chinese parsley. But also, the way the carrots are cut with their pointed ends suggests Asian rather than the Western julienne. This was pure comfort food for me as the temperatures plunged to sub-zero that afternoon. It served as my main course.

The kids had their carbo fix and succumbed to their sushi crave.

At 11 euros, this plate of Chinese fried rice in Dachau costs 5 times more what you can get in Asia.
Doesn't matter that it has good "wok-hei"!

These didn't look great to me but it met the kids' craving for sushi. Cold rice on a cold day - not my thing.

More depressing than the temperature that day was Dachau, Germany's first concentration camp, and about 15km northwest of Munich. Dachau served as a prototype and model for the other Nazi concentration camps that followed. It was also one of the first camps exposed to the rest of the world through the media.

"Dear God, make me dumb, that I may not to Dachau come."

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  1. Dachau is a very grim place. All German school kids must visit at least one of these camps before they graduate from school, as part of their curriculum .

  2. Grim is the word, man! I can't even begin to imagine the pain and suffering the prisoners went through. Not a place to go for a hee-hee-haha holiday but we wanted the kids to understand the history.


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