Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home-cured Pancetta - Part IV. Wait, there's a Part IV?

It's been more than 2 months since I started curing this piece of pork belly. I open it up to peep at this baby whenever my curiosity gets the better of me.

On 14 November, it looked like this at the start of this interesting culinary project that has captivated me since.

After 10 days

After about 25 days

Today, I opened it again after more than 60 days and find that I could possibly use it!

I cut some very small pieces remembering how salty and rubbery they tasted the last time I tried when it was not quite ready. Scattered them over my home-made pizza and the verdict?

Does my pizza look sexy or what. Thanks to my friend Grace for a very simple recipe. 

Extremely salty but no longer as rubbery. The longer time I give it to allow for the curing process, the better the texture but it also means deep salt penetration. If salt is the key ingredient to cure the meat so that I don't die from eating contaminated raw meat, then how does one reduce the saltiness in the taste? Hmm.. need to find someone who has done this.

I can continue to use the pancetta as an ingredient for pasta and pizzas as the Italians do on a daily basis but I will have to rinse off the crazy salty on the next use.

Here's a picture of the pancetta done by the professionals which I bought in a Tuscany morning market. Doesn't it look absolutely gorgeous? I have yet to try it but will do so very very soon and let you know how it tastes.

Beautiful piece of pancetta from Tuscany now sitting in my fridge
My pancetta butcher. We used an iphone app to ask him in Italian how much it costs. We were perfect in our articulation and then were completely stunned at his answer 'cos we couldn't catch a single word he said!

For those very interested and crazy enough to waste time doing this, please read the previous posts before you attempt. And remember to write to me about it!! Adios!

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  1. I was just thinking of asking you the progress of this project of yours . To resolve the salt issue, I smoked my meats over a low heat ( the tea laves and rice thingy ) but since it is pork, I will go safe and fry it together with my other ingredients before consuming.

  2. Hi, may i know where can you obtain pink curing salt in singapore? I've been wanting to make some home cured bacon but i cant seem to find this salt anywhere! thanks!

    1. Hello Clay, I got mine at Tanglin Mall supermarket. Hope you can find it!


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