Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Salt-crusted whole fish - Certified 100% authentic Thai

The entire piece of skin opens up like a door to moist, succulent meat.

I arranged for a weekend in Bangkok, Thailand just for us to spend time together as a family. Of course, I was also sniffing around for authentic Thai food. I was truly excited to see one of the recipes I've shared in this blog come to life in a floating market.

Here's the salt-crusted whole fish recipe I previously shared. It's become a regular dish for our famly now. Look at this sight - a young Thai woman grilling them and selling them off her boat.

Her supply is easily within arm's reach!

I have my Thai chef in the culinary school to thank for!


  1. Hi Luan, any chance of getting the recipe for the Indian fish and okra curry? Looked so yummy. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rougebaguette, yes, ask and it shall be given. I have just posted it now

      Do let me know when you get a chance to cook this. I want to see your pictures! Post them here


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