Thursday, March 29, 2012

Minced Chicken Crunch

Calling all moms with fussy eater kids. Here's one devious recipe to get them to eat whatever you want them to eat. Minced chicken with the usual Chinese seasoning of sesame oil, soy sauce, hua tiao jiu, salt and white pepper. Mixed with leeks or any veggies you want them to take. Add an egg if you want, it's optional. Wrap it in pastry sheets and pan sear for a couple of minutes for a koko-crunch texture. Very easy. Quantity is flexible. You can't really go wrong.

I saw this served ala-minute at the breakfast table in a Bali resort recently and noticed it was popular with the Japanese. Maybe it's like a type of gyoza for them.

My fussy-eater son came home from school and devoured 3 pieces before he put his school bag down. It's a culinary feat and a maternal joy to me when I can get him to eat any vegetables.

If you prefer a soft covering, click here to see minced chicken wrapped in cabbage leaves.


  1. Looks easy enough for me ;) will try to make this KoKoCrunch Minc Chic. What type of pastry sheets? Brand?

    ~ CK

    1. Hi CK, TYJ Spring Roll Pastry from any supermarket, easily available.


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