Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Perfect Egg - Sous Vide Eggs!

Picture-perfect of a sous-vide egg - 45 minutes at precisely 64.5 degrees Celsius. In this state, the egg white denatures and unfolds to form a custardy-like texture, while the yolk forms a tender gel. Photo credit to my friend Jude who recently succumbed to sous vide.

Amazing how clean the shells are when I broke the SV egg.

I did wonder, why bother to spend 45 minutes on something that's gobbled up in 45 seconds. But I found SV addictive and in fact can't wait to get my hands on another batch. There are hardcore SV food bloggers who SV one whole batch of eggs for the week and simply warm them up every morning for breakfast.

See how you can do this at home without a SV machine.


  1. Whoa! That jelly-like egg looks amazing! I did think the same thing too, 45 minutes to cook the egg :) I love eggs and still can't get over the avocado baked eggs.

    1. Been following your Trengganu food haunts!

  2. I just had this for dinner... with guess what? .... Dong Po Belly!

    BTW, one of the main reasons I bought the SVS was to make SV eggs...


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