Monday, April 16, 2012

Living Room Talk #4: We Exist Because We Think

The bamboo charcoal bread was interesting.
But her father's warm apple cake was better than the bamboo charcoal bread.
The raspberry cheesecake ice cream was better than the apple cake.
The wine was better than the ice cream.
The conversation was better than everything put together.

I had the privilege to invite Tong Yee, one of the founders of School of Thought to speak at my fourth Living Room Talk. Check him out here when he spoke at TEDx Singapore. I've since interacted with him a few times more and have found him to be an extremely progressive thinker. Every interaction with him has been thought-provoking, and I wanted to share this experience with some friends.

We spent more than 3 amazing hours sharing ideas, listening and learning. I could have gone on for another 3. There's just so much to squeeze out of his brain, and he keeps giving you more food for thought every time a question is asked or a challenge posed. The group was equally engaging and the conversation took priority over filling empty glasses. I have so much to learn from this young man. Life is one big learning journey, and the conversation on learning excited me because, you see, I have sentenced myself to learning and this is what this blog is all about!

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