Monday, February 20, 2012

My Banana Tree

After nine months of waiting, my banana tree finally flowered last week and today, the flower starts to split into something resembling a bunch of bananas! What a miraculous process from God. He is so creative and imaginative! This is no less miraculous as foetal development, and I am now one more step closer to home organic bananas. 

This is definitely one way to get as close to my food source as possible without becoming a farmer's wife!

See my pictures over the past 9 months at different stages. 

Thanks to my dear friend EK for giving me the sapling last year. 

See how they looked after one year - here. And how they looked when I harvested them - here.


  1. I guess you must be looking forward to taste the organic banana.

  2. Yes, absolutely! Organic and free of charge! I will post when I get to that stage. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I wanted to plant one too but hubby said it takes up alot of space and am untidy. Is this true?

    1. No, not true at all, Edith. Mine is a short shrub species type and it doesn't take up much space and it's so low maintenance, really. Just water it with the water you're going to throw away after rinsing your rice. Another bonus is sometimes when there are too many leaves, you can just cut one down for plating your nonya kueh or nasi lemak!

      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you get to grow your own bananas.


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