Friday, December 2, 2011

Bringing you ishots from the restaurant, kitchen and pastry today

You get this if you order the baked seafood rice.

I'm making the Kaffir Lime Mayo...
 in case you choose this for your burger, remember I sweat blood and tears to bring this to you.
I tasted the BBQ sauce - if smoky-oaky is your kind of thing, go for this.
They put this up today on the wall. My locker room is close-by behind this wall. 
Remember people like me working real hard behind these walls so you can enjoy every bite.
The restaurant aims to build a community for families to hang out at its place over good food.
Tells the venue as well, this one.
I honestly hope you will like the food when you get to it.

And the pastry spying and spotting continues...


  1. I'll go for Kaffir Lime Mayo... and try out your sweat and tears. Salty I guess.
    Haha, actually I like anything with lime.
    I sort of "hate" BBQ sauce.

  2. yummy, easy and delicious! I just loved it.

  3. Thanks for dropping me a note. I love hearing from my readers.


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