Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goodbye Extra Virgin Chef, Hello Kerby!

Hi Friends,

When I started this blog 330 posts ago, I never imagined it would be so fulfilling and nourishing. Extra Virgin Chef not only gave me a platform to share my culinary learning journey and rock the boats for some hesitant career switchers, but also connected me with people from more than 50 countries. Plus, childhood friends, ex-colleagues and acquaintances - reconnected through food. How wonderful is that.

But it's time to close this particular chapter now. No, I'm not disappearing. In fact, I'm about to embark on my most ambitious project ever, and it needs my focus, time and energy. Are you ready to hear what it is? 

I am building Asia's first gourmet food truck with a heart. Yes, a food truck, fully equipped like a professional commercial kitchen set-up. 

We will register it as a social enterprise to fulfil its aspiration to feed the hungry and underprivileged. Head on down to our newly constructed (read: work-in-progress) website to read all about Kerby. Get into social conversations through facebook, and track the truck here in twitter when Kerby hits the streets of Singapore in the first quarter of 2013. 

Thanks everyone for your support of my little blog over the past two years. This has got to be one of my personal favourite projects and I will leave it up here so it can continue to be a resource for anyone who wants to cross the kitchen chasm. 

Catch you by the kerbside and if you see my truck plying the streets, remember to wave a big hello!


  1. Oh no! Does that mean this blog will be gone and we won't get to follow your delicious recipes? Or will your transfer all to your new blog?


  2. Good luck, Luan! I wish you all the best! Will miss you as Extra Virgin Chef but will tag along on Kerby :)

  3. Wow, that is a major achievement and aspiration, and so socially-fulfilling too! All the best!! I'm not in SG, but when I go for holiday (hopefully soon! haha), I'll definitely check it out!

  4. Good Luck, Luan! I love reading your blog. Will follow you :)

  5. Al the best Luan, we will certainly be following Kerby from now.

  6. All the best and may your endeavors bear good fruit!

  7. May God be with you on your new enterprise!. Love reading your blog! Hope to see you in Singapore soon!.


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